Bread Baking Video Instructions

Opening your Box
  • Open your box and put all bags in the refrigerator until the day before you're ready to bake.
  • The afternoon before your baking day, complete Step 1
  • Important: It is crucial to give your starter plenty of time to come to life. Completing Step #1 20-24 hours before beginning ensures that your starter will be bubbly and ready to go for your baking day!
    Ex: If you plan to begin making your dough on Saturday morning around 8 AM, complete Step #1 on Friday at 8 AM (or a few hours before).
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Step 1 - Preparing your Starter
  • Items from your Kit: "Step 1: Starter"
  • Items from your Kitchen: 1 medium size bowl or jar, large spoon, warm (80-84 deg) filtered water

Note: This is best to complete 20-24 hours before you'd like to start baking.

After Step 1: Cover the Starter and leave until ready to bake the next day.

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Step 2 - Feeding your Starter
  • Items from you Kit: "Step 2: Starter Food"

After Step 2: Cover and set aside.

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Step 3 - Prepare the Dough
  • Items from your Kit: "Step 3: Bread Mix," cotton tea towel, bread bonnet
  • Items from your Kitchen: large mixing bowl, warm (80-84 deg) filtered water
  • Important update! Use 3 1/2 cups of water in this step instead of 4 cups.

After Step 3: Cover the dough with the bread bonnet and wait 1.5 hours.

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Step 4 - Add the Starter
  • Items from your Kitchen: Starter that you set aside

After Step 4: Cover the dough with the bread bonnet and wait 30 minutes.

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Step 5 - Add the Salt
  • Items from your Kit: "Step 5: Salt"

After Step 5: Cover with the bread bonnet. Wait 30 minutes.

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Step 6 - Stretch & Fold #1

After Step 6: Cover. Wait 30 minutes.

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Step 7 - Stretch & Fold #2

After Step 7: Cover. Wait 30 minutes.

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Step 8 - Stretch & Fold #3

After Step 8: Cover. Wait 3 hours to let the dough rise.

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Step 9 - Divide & Pre-shape
  • Items from your Kitchen: All Purpose flour for flouring the counter. NOTE this video currently shows using canola oil, but all purpose flour will work better if you have it available.

After Step 9: Cover with the tea towel. Wait 30 minutes.

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Step 10 - Final Shape & Place Loaves in Oiled Tins
  • Items from your Kit: 4 bread tins (2 for loaves, 2 for lids)
  • Items from your Kitchen: Canola Oil for oiling tins

After Step 10: Cover with the tea towel. Preheat oven to 500 degrees and wait 1 hour.

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Step 11 & 12 - Slash Loaves, Place Lids on Tins and Place in Oven
  • Items from Your Kitchen: Flour for dusting (if you have on hand), and small sharp knife for slashing the bread

After Step 11 & 12: Bake covered for 30 minutes.

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Step 13 - Take Lids Off & Turn Down Oven to 450 Degrees

After Step 13: Finish baking uncovered for 25-30 minutes until dark, golden brown.

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Step 14 - Remove from Oven, Remove from Tins and Cool

After Step 14: Optional, cool for 1 hour. Slice and Enjoy!

One Last Thing!